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Life may begin at 30, but it doesn't get real interesting until about 150. ~Author Unknownitt real interesting until about 150. ~Author Unknown
Like most, my fascination with motorcycles began when I was a kid. I was in the 8th standard when I got my first motorcycle, a Kinetic Luna 50 cc. My dad got two Lunas, one for my brother and another for me, to go to school. It did not take me long to learn riding it, as I was already riding bicycles by then. It was very light and easy to ride, a perfect learner’s bike for a kid of my age.

After practicing riding it for few days on some back roads and parks, I took it to school and low-sided it on my first day, while showing off my riding skills to friends. I got bruises all over my hands and was in pain for a few days.

Luna 50cc

Since then I got few other motorcycles over the years, like the Yamaha RX 100, which remains one of my favorite motorcycles.

Yamaha RX100

Followed by the Honda Sleek, Kawasaki and back to Yamaha.

Hero Honda Sleek

I currently own Honda VTX and my wife owns Ninja 250, I would like to add a Harley Sportstar and a Suzuki Hayabusa when I can afford them.

Our Bikes

Over the years, I have ridden to many parts of India including central India, north India and the Himalayas. I have been to Daytona, Sebring, Florida Keys, and Yosemite etc.

In all those trips, I have met many nice and interesting people on the road, tried different foods and explored new roads, made new friends, which always made the trip fun. To capture those adventures, experiences and moments I took so many photos.

However, over the years I lost track of most of the photos and the people I have met on the road. Sometimes when I try to look back on those experiences, I vaguely remember those people and places.

Every time we go on rides or bike nights or other motorcycle events, we meet great people, have good time with friends, sometimes we find new country roads, mom and pop restaurants, hole in the wall places, try new foods, go to small towns off highways, and take photos and videos.

However, as the time passes, we forget those times, experiences and lose the memories and photos. RidesNRoads.com is created, so, as motorcycle enthusiasts, we can share our riding experiences, adventures, fun, photos, and ride with one another, make new friends, and keep connected with each other.